Holt Basketball

Claudia Adam (#2) grabs a rebound 

With Troy Buchanan’s girls team netting 28 points over Holt Lady Indians 13 in the first half of the semi-finals district game on Feb. 26, it seemed like the Lady Indians were in for a rough night. However, the Holt’s Lady Indians threw the brakes on Troy’s offense, slowing the Lady Trojans down in significantly in the last half of the game. Holt’s attempt to rally closed the score in the last two quarters, but the Lady Indians couldn’t quite clinch the win, with the final score coming in at 42-34, favoring Troy.

“Third quarter defensively, I thought we played well and put ourselves in a position to come back,” coach Justine Wilmes said. “But unfortunately they hit some free throws down the stretch and we had a couple that didn’t quite go in, and we just couldn’t get all the way back in time.”

The season was an interesting one for the Lady Indians; starting the year, only two players had their primary minutes in varsity play, so the varsity experience was a big learning curve for many players, Wilmes said.

Holt’s record was 10-16 for the season, but Wilmes said looking at the scores of the individual games tells a different story that the overall win/loss ratio.

“Of those 16 losses, seven of them were less than ten points,” Wilmes said. “So we were close in games, and that’s one of the big things – overall, I feel like we competed in a lot of games and there’s a lot of positives to be taken for the future.”

One big boon is that there’s only a single senior – Gia Bargaineer – leaving the team, so the Lady Indians will bring lots of play experience back with them next season.

“So the big thing is can these nine, 10, 11 girls when they come back next year, can they take the next step forward so those close games we’re closing out instead of dropping them at the end,” Wilmes said.

The coaches are excited about the group that will be coming back and the JV girls that are moving up, but the biggest thing will be if the players can commit to an off-season training plan and work on some of their weaknesses.

“We’re going to work in the weight room, get shots up all summer, we’re going to take the girls to a couple camps over the summer just to try and keep that team-building camaraderie going into next season,” Wilmes said. “

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