Ethan Dunsworth and Hannah Christ

Students from the Wentzville School District competed in the High School Honors Division of Missouri's Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair held virtually on March 6. Holt High School senior Ethan Dunsworth received first place for his project "Efficiency of Laser-Induced HB11 Fusion Reaction Under Varying Methods of Kilotesla Magnetic Confinement" and has qualified as a finalist for the International Science and Engineering Fair, which will be held in May. Dunsworth was awarded a $500 prize, the Army and Air Force Research Award, and the Mu Alpha Theta mathematics award. 

Holt junior Hannah Christ won second place for her project "Lactuca sativa var. capitata's Response to Hydroponically Introduced Mycorrhizae," and is now a finalist for the Genius Olympiad, which is an international fair for environmental science projects held in June. Additionally, Christ was awarded a $300 prize.