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The Wentzville School District (WSD) is the fastest growing school district in the state. With their enrollment right around 17,400, making WSD the ninth largest school district in the state. As the 2019-20 school year is starting up the Wentzville School District has many new and exciting changes that they are offering their students this year. 

“We have a new five-year strategic plan that was approved by our Board of Education in May which outlines our renewed focus on educating the whole child” Mary LaPak said. 

Lapak is the Chief Communications Officer for Wentzville School District. 

To go along with the plan, the district designed a new district logo and portrait of what a WSD learner to help students visualize their full potential. New to the school are 114 new staff members added to the WSD team including a new CFO, Executive Director of Student Services, Assistant Director of Intervention Services, two new Principals and five new assistant principals. 

“We added a new School Support Interventionist position at each of our 12 elementary schools this year to help address the growing, broad spectrum of needs of our students. We now have a total of 2,565 employees in the WSD,” LaPak said. 

With the help of Proposition E that was passed in 2018 WSD will be adding a new high school and elementary school that will be opened in the next few years. WSD also has plans in the works to add to the buildings they already have including a new gym at Holt High School. 

“As a result, we have a Boundary Committee working on new boundaries for our elementary, middle and high schools and we will hold three community forums in September where the public will have a chance to weigh in on the committee’s work,” LaPak said. 

WSD also partnered with TRANE to update buildings with HVAC. TRANE guarantees the District will recoup the cost of the upgrades over 15 years from the result of the energy efficient equipment. WSD is expecting over 5,000 more students to be added to their district over the next decade. 

“Despite the time and energy we devote to accommodate our growth, our focus remains on the classroom and our students continue to excel - they have scored in the top 11 percent of students in the state of Missouri assessments for nine consecutive years,”LaPak said. 

As for parents, WSD provides a team of staff members that are committed to inspiring every student to learn while challenging students to grow and empowering them to reach their full potential.

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