WTZ Sign

During the June 26 Board of Aldermen meeting, an ordinance was passed approving a Development Agreement for the Wentzville Bend project. This development will encompass approximately 60 acres of property located south and east of Wentzville Parkway, and north of William Dierberg Drive. As currently envisioned, the project consists of two major elements – a 140,000 square-foot retail shopping center and an 80,000 square-foot Multigenerational Recreation Facility. 

The project will be funded by sales taxes generated by the new retail space and the existing shopping area along Wentzville Parkway. Funds generated by the taxes will go toward property acquisition, site preparation, infrastructure development and operational support for the Multigenerational Recreation Facility. None of the taxes collected will be used for construction of the privately-owned retail center. 

The Parks Master Plan, Recreation Center Feasibility Study and a series of public meetings all indicated a strong desire exists within the community to have a Multigenerational Recreation Facility in Wentzville. 

“We are very excited to provide this new amenity to our residents. The Board of Aldermen and I are committed to providing resources for our residents and the community as a whole. This project falls in line with our strategic goals and recognizes the distinct needs of our residents – varying from indoor recreational opportunities to amenities for senior citizens. This facility solidifies Wentzville’s position as a strong supporter of parks and recreation and only adds to our wide variety of facilities from Splash Station Aquatic Center and the tournament-level Peruque Valley Park baseball fields to the recently purchased Wentzville Ice Arena. Wentzville truly offers something for everyone,” said Mayor Nick Guccione. 

It is anticipated that on-site grading will begin in late fall of this year. The retail shopping center is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2021, with the Multigenerational Recreation Facility scheduled to open by late 2022.