With the amount of rain the area had recently our lake is just under flood stage and many of the coves are out of their banks. Lake St. Louis residents with an email on file was alerted to this issue and to check your boats security. To date there have been five boats come loose from their lifts or slips, 1 dock on the small lake, multiple personal items have been seen floating freely (lily pad, ski etc). As they wash up on shore the finders are letting Water Patrol know they have the items in the event anyone reports them missing. 

As of April 1, if your boat is on or over the water on a lift you need to have your 2019 stickers on the stern of your boat. The water Patrol will be inspecting all boats on the water and will be ticketing those that do not have the new Blue 2019 sticker adhered to their boat.

The gas dock will open on Saturday, April 12 and Sunday, April 13. Hours will be 12-4pm. The only condition is if the weather and lake conditions are favorable to boating.

Boaters need to be aware of debris and such in and under the water. Maintenance has been working to clear the debris as weather allows, but with every additional rain more debris washes in. Remember logs may bounce off your boat but skiers and tubers are much more susceptible to injury when they come in contact with objects in the water. Boat captains have the responsibility for the safety of their passengers.

Water Patrol is in full operation on days and nights starting April 12. They can be reached at 636-625-3120, or by cell at 636-887-5771. Emergency off hours, contact Steve Bernstein at 636-856-4627.

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