Tiger Docks

Tiger Docks recently installed a state-of-the-art anchoring system from Seaflex to help the Lake Saint Louis Community Association remedy a long-standing problem for docks at the main marina. The outdated and non-functional block to cable anchoring system that they had, couldn’t properly handle the water fluctuation at Lake Saint Louis, between the lake lowering that takes place every three years, to the overnight floods that can bring the lake up three feet or more.

The new Seaflex anchoring system can keep the docks securely in place and prevent damage that the previous anchoring system could not.

Mike Hyland, Sales Executive with Seaflex, stated that “With the water ariations that occur in Lake Saint Louis, Seaflex engineered their product to perfectly fit the landscape to keep the marina from incurring any future damage when the water levels change drastically and quickly.”

Seaflex anchoring bands act in a similar way as a cable and winch system. However, by using Seaflex, the marinas maintenance department will not have winches to tighten or loosen as water levels change. The bands keep the docks at a constant tension. The first phase of anchoring replacement has set the foundation for future improvements in Lake Saint Louis. With only repairing B and D dock, this is the first step in the right direction for the marina, which is looking to improve the facility over the next few years.

With any big project come challenges.

Nick Davis, COO at Tiger Docks, said, “The biggest challenge on this job was working with 8000 pound concrete blocks in the tight spaces under the marina. Tiger Docks installed 20 heavy duty corner gussets with fairleads and attached those to the existing dock with thick nylon rope going to the Seaflex bands. The Seaflex bands are then connected to 8000 pound concrete anchors that are custom made by Tiger Docks. These custom made anchors are specifically designed to use weight, as well as suction, to keep the docks secure. There were a total of 20 custom anchors placed under the marina.”

Mike Hyland added, “Nick and his crew from Tiger Docks are great at making adjustments, and coming up with solutions during difficult installations and they are the only company that can service and install Seaflex that we recommend for the area.”

Seaflex is the most modern and technologically advanced mooring system offered in today’s industry. Tiger Docks, the preferred contractor for the Midwest, is the only local company capable of installing the advanced mooring system.

The environmentally friendly Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution that can be used for any floating application such as docks/pontoons, wave attenuators, and buoys. Their website states that; “Seaflex is unrivaled in its ability to keep it stable and secure even in locations exposed to extreme weather conditions.” Seaflex also offers customer lifetime support on all installations.

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