On March 31, the staff at The Child Center, the Wentzville Police Department, Wentzville Mayor Nick Guccione, and Executive Director of Missouri KidsFirst David Chayer planted a pinwheel garden on the lawn of The Child Center. The pinwheels will remain there throughout the month of April, which is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The pinwheels are a symbol for child abuse and neglect prevention nationwide. Pinwheels are a positive and loving symbol of childhood. As a campaign symbol, a pinwheel conveys the message that every child deserves the chance be raised in a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment.

“The pinwheel gardens are a simple, yet meaningful, way to get people talking about ensuring children grow up in the safe and nurturing homes they deserve,” said Andrea Vent, Executive Director of The Child Center. “We all have a role in preventing child abuse and neglect.”

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