Just over 60 acres of land located southeast of Wentzville Parkway, at the bend, behind CVS, was approved for a re-zoning from Agriculture to Planned Development Mixed Use / C-3 Highway Commercial in preparation for Wentzville Bend.

“The Wentzville Bend project consists of two components. One of those is a retail center which would have about 140,000 square feet plus of new retail development. And then there would be several out lots along the front edge of Wentzville Parkway that would be associated with the development,” Wentzville Director of Economic Development, Dan Lang, said.

Part two of the projects consists of plans for an 80,000 square foot multi-generational recreation facility. That facility would encompass a number of recreational components along with designations for senior citizens.

“We had a study that was completed in 2018 that talked about some various recreational components that might be within an enclosed space. I am quite certain it will have a pool and some hard surface courts for basketball and other sporting events like that. There were a number of recommendations that were made as a part of that study so it will be a full indoor recreational complex,” Lang said.

Lang added an emphasis to the senior citizen aspect that the facility will feature.

“We have a senior facility in Wentzville called the Green Lantern and it’s undersized for our senior population so there’s been a discussion with the seniors and a commitment to include some space within this building that would be for seniors to gather and have events and activities that would be larger than the space they presently have,” Lang said.

Due to the fact that Wentzville Bend is in the embryonic stages, there are not yet commitments from any retailers.

Lang said that he anticipated the newly rezoned property would be purchased this fall. 

“Once that happens, grading would start. So, I am going to say late fall through the winter if the winter is decent, they’ll be grading the sight. Then construction on the retail center would start next year and ready for occupancy probably within 18 months of the time that construction starts,” Lang said. This time line is just an estimate and will depend on factors such as a purchaser of the land, weather permitting conditions for construction, etc.

Lang estimates that the multi-generational recreation facility would be open and operational for the fall of 2022.

Another component to the project is the development of an apartment complex on a different plot of land in close proximity to the 60 acres, stilled owned by the Brune family, where Wentzville Bend is proposed.

“A component that is not specifically a part of this but is being developed by someone in conjunction with this is the development on the Cox tract,” Lang said.

This plot of land is in between City Hall and the Brune’s 60 acres.

“That tract is on the agenda for the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting for an apartment complex being constructed on a portion of that property. I think it’s about 12 acres out of the 20 that would be part of the apartment complex. I think it’s about 200 units,” Lang said.

If that passes through Planning and Zoning, it would be on the agenda for approval at the August 14 Board of Alderman meeting.

“From an economic development standpoint, I am very interested to be adding additional retail opportunities for our residents as well as those that are in the region because obviously these will be additional retail stores that are not presently in this market. We are excited for the opportunity for people to be able to shop here locally and not have to go to other communities to do that. 

“And of course the recreational complex is something that the community has wanted for a very long time. There has been very strong community support for that. For us to be able to have that become a realization for the community is a pretty significant thing,” Lang said.

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