The Lake Saint Louis Community Association is preparing for their upcoming dredge. Hydraulic dredging is scheduled in Dauphine Cove no less than every seven years, per LSLCA By-Laws. Magruder Construction has been awarded the dredging bid for Dauphine Cove and Regatta Bay. Magruder is currently on-site at Jefferson Point fusing the pipeline together that is being installed through Pereque Creek to our silt basin at Duello Road.

Active hydraulic dredging will begin in Dauphine Cove by the second week in November. It will take approximately three weeks to finalize the installation of the pipeline, dredging equipment, pumps, tug boats, barges, and fuel barge. Please exercise extreme caution if you need to enter Dauphine Cove while dredging preparation and active dredging are taking place. The pipeline for the dredge may not be visible at night. Dauphine Cove will be a no-wake zone until further notice. Dredging in this cove is expected to be completed by March 2021 (weather permitting).

Dauphine Cove- Dredging Zone. Approximately 180K cubic yards of silt will be removed from this area, bringing the water depth back to 7.5-8í upon completion.

Duello Road Silt Basin. Approximately 22 acres. The LSLCA maintenance crew has removed 280K cubic yards of silt from the basin over the last three years in preparation for dredging.

Regatta Bay/Timberline Trails area scheduled for hydraulic dredging after Dauphine Cove is complete. This is expected to begin in early April 2021 and to be completed by early June 2021.

Cannon Excavating has been preparing the silt basin by the big dam to receive the silt from Regatta Bay. Approximately 25K cubic yards are scheduled to be dredged from this cove.

The total cost of this project is $1.6M. Every year, the LSLCA contributes $300K to the dredging fund in order to prepare for this process.

Any questions can be directed to Heather at the LSLCA by calling 636-625-8276, ext. 104.