Jennifer Hess

Holt High School science teacher Jennifer Hess has been named an Advanced Science Research Teaching (ASRT) Program Semi-Finalist. The ASRT Program, funded by Regeneron and ZEISS, is an educational outreach program designed to equip high school teachers with knowledge, insight, and activities to increase science research opportunities for their students. 

Hess has taught science at Holt High School for 21 years and currently serves as the department chair. She is the assistant National Honor Society sponsor and is also active in Science Coach, a program which helps high school teachers get students involved in science research. "I am passionate about showing my students how science really works and the impact it can have on their lives," Hess shared, "More than half of my career has been devoted to creating opportunities for high schoolers to become involved in real world scientific research." Hess recounts that many of her students have gone on to become research scientists, physicians, nurses, veterinarians, engineers, and have sought countless other professions in fields of science. "I am honored to have been selected to participate in the ASRT Program. I look forward to expanding the impact that I have on the lives of talented students, and to continue contributing logical, problem solving individuals into society."

Selection for The ASRT Program takes place annually to provide valuable coaching and resources to science research educators. As a Semi-Finalist of the program, Hess will receive two days of virtual consulting customized to help her overcome obstacles in empowering her students to carry out and present science research projects. 

"Ms. Hess' award-winning program has been second to none," shared Dr. Shane Schlueter, Principal of Holt High School, "We are excited for her to receive this distinction and looking forward to her students benefitting from the professional development awarded to her. Congratulations, Ms. Hess!"