On Thursday morning, Oct. 31, the Wentzville School District put out an alert stating that there was a student at Holt High School with a weapon.

The alert says that a student informed a staff member that another student might have a weapon, leading administrators and law enforcement to act immediately.

The student was found, and the weapon – which was loaded – was confiscated.

With the student being a minor, the Wentzville Police Department couldn’t comment on the situation other than that they were able to apprehend the student and confiscate the weapon without incident.

The release from the Wentzville school district following the incident said, “The instructional day is continuing, and we want to stress that we have nothing to indicate there is any remaining threat to the school. We are working closely with law enforcement and we are confident that this unfortunate situation has been contained. Weapons of any kind are not permitted on school property and we take these matters very seriously.”

The release also praises a student that spoke up and the people that helped bring the matter to a close.

“We want to assure you that safety is always our number one concern and we are grateful to the student who notified staff: they did exactly what we ask of students - if you see something or hear something, say something,” the release said. “We are also grateful to our Holt administrators and the Wentzville Police Department for the quick and safe resolution.”

Mary LaPak, the chief communications officer for the Wetnzville School District, stated that there was, at press time, still no known motive for the student bringing the weapon to school.

“We have no idea and it is still a part of the investigation. We have no idea why he did that,” LaPak said.

Often times, the student mentions these types of things on some form of social media before acting out, but LaPak said there is currently no evidence there either.

LaPak said that after some issues with social media threats last year, Superintendent Kane and the Chief of Police, Kurt Frisz came together to encourage kids to talk up when they see or hear something inappropriate.

“That’s exactly what this student did,” LaPak said about the student that came forward and reported the gun to their teacher. “Everything happened the way we hoped it would. This student saw something, heard something inappropriate and shared it with an adult and immediately we got law enforcement involved. It all unfolded very quickly and it was exactly the way we hoped it would.”

She added that her school district is very lucky to have such a great working relationship with the Wentzville Police Department.

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