Green Tree Elementary art teacher Pam Winter was named the winner of the Alpha Delta Kappa’s Excellence in Education Award for the entire South Central region at ADK’s All Regions Virtual Conference this past weekend. The South Central region includes Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico.

Alpha Delta Kappa is a teacher sorority that promotes leaders in the field of education, and Winter will receive $500 for educational purposes for winning this award. "I am humbled and honored to receive the award,” Winter said. “Alpha Delta Kappa has so many members who are leaders in the field of education. These women are extraordinary and have helped me become the educator I am today."

Deb Braman, a retired second grade teacher from Green Tree, nominated Winter for the award. “Pam daily exudes the qualities of an honorary sister of ADK as she shares an energetic and positive influence among her students and fellow educators,” Braman said. “Pam’s altruism, artistic skills, warm personality and her technology expertise have helped to create a strong bond among our ADK sisters, the community, the district and those in need of our services.”

Winter has worked for the WSD since 2005. "Allowing students to explore their own creativity brings me so much joy,” she said. “Watching my kids grow, learn, and trust in their own creative endeavors is such an honor. I want my students to know they are creative and have the ability to change the world."