Thanks to a bit of coincidence, Runge Chiropractic was closed Monday, Jan. 20 when a car lost control and collided with the front of the office.

“Very, very fortunately, we were closed,” practice owner RJ Runge said.

“I was out of town, my daughter had a volleyball tournament so I went to that,” he added. 

Runge said the damage to the office was extensive, but since it was empty of people, no customers or employees were harmed. 

“Not to be too melodramatic, but very fortunate, because on a typical Monday, that would have almost guaranteed to [have] taken out somebody,” Runge said. 

In another stroke of luck for the practice, the next unit over in their building was unoccupied, and Runge said his landlord will let him move his business over there while repairs are done. 

“Honestly, we’re hoping to see patients fairly close to normal, this afternoon even,” Runge said Jan. 21. 

Runge thanked the first responders for their help with the incident.