“We are all in this together.” You’ve heard that a few times before lately, I’m sure. But it’s true. We’re on this journey, with no real end in sight, together. We are finding that we are stronger together by being apart. On the other side of this journey is hope and resilience. It’s hard to see that now, but I know you — Wentzville’s parents and teachers, Wentzville’s first responders, our nurses and doctors, our grandparents and grandchildren, our business owners, public servants and clergy. Together, We Are Wentzville and I know we are strong, brave and resilient. 

The circumstances and full effect of what is happening right now will not be known for some time. This “unknown” factor is a worrisome thought. The situation we are experiencing changes daily, sometimes hourly, and we need to be calm, flexible, understanding and patient as we work through all of this together. 

Please know that your City officials and leadership team are working diligently to adapt our operations to ensure that essential resident services are not disrupted while protecting everyone’s health and safety. We are operating in an environment where we don’t know what’s next, but what we do know is that your well-being is a top priority and we need your help to stay healthy. Each of us has a personal responsibility to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus and minimize its impact on not only ourselves and our families, but our economy, our community and our health care system.

I understand that social distancing will have an isolating effect on most of our community. But right now it’s best to stay at home as often as you can, only leaving your house for essentials like food, groceries or medication. Keep in mind that social distancing means physical distancing not emotional distancing. Practice self-care, check on your neighbors who may have no one else, take a walk with your family, and be easy on yourself — it’s a complicated time. Lead by example by showing compassion and patience, while staying home and social distancing. Call or video chat with your loved ones. Remember to connect even while staying apart. 

If you are ordering food for delivery or carry out, we encourage you to visit the restaurants here in Wentzville who are working hard to provide for our community. We stand together to support our local businesses, even in these uncertain times. City staff is currently compiling a list of Wentzville restaurants and businesses that continue to provide essential services. You can find the list at If you’re a manager or business owner in Wentzville, please complete this form to be added to the list:

The next several weeks will continue to be difficult at times. But I know you, Wentzville, I know your heart. I know your strength and your perseverance. I know you have it in you to do whatever it takes to protect our community. We are strong. We will persevere. We will get through this together because We Are Wentzville.