Residents, you play an important role in keeping our community beautiful and clean. One way you can help us protect our parks and green spaces is by doing your part to throw away trash and prevent litter. We are asking residents and visitors to throw trash only in the provided receptacles and to pick up litter when you see it. Together we can all make sure the Wentzville community continues to provide beautiful, safe places to gather and play! Here's a quick look at three ways you can make a difference in Wentzville!

1. Adopt-A-Spot

The City of Wentzville needs you! In order to create a cleaner, more pleasant environment for everyone who lives, works and shops in the City of Wentzville, each person needs to work together. Through Wentzville's Adopt-a-Spot Program, neighbors and businesses can join forces to help beautify our City's public spaces, streets, parks, streams and lakes. We are looking for volunteers  to adopt specific locations, such as common ground in subdivisions, stream access points, and other spots throughout the City. If your organization, business or Homeowners Association is interested in helping keep Wentzville clean and green, please visit There's no need to worry about bringing cleanup supplies, we will make sure you have what you need! 

2. Storm Drain Marking

It is time for you to join in the effort to educate others about stormwater pollution prevention. The Storm Drain Marking Program works with volunteers to glue decals onto local storm drains that say, "No Dumping - Only Rain in the Drain." The scope of these projects can be as small or large as you desire. Ultimately, this addition will allow everyone to learn more about the process of storm drains, and how they flow directly into our local streams - without being treated. According to a 2017 Wentzville public opinion survey, this is a fact that 42 percent of people did not know! The reality is, the cleaner we keep our stormwater, the cleaner our streams will be. To volunteer, please call (636) 639-2051. For more information about the program, visit

3. #HelpHeartland Project

Do you enjoy spending time at Heartland Park? If so, your help is needed. Heartland Park, which is centrally located off Schroeder Creek Boulevard, is a place where Wentzville comes to play, relax and enjoy nature. The beloved park, known as the heart of the Wentzville community, also filters stormwater from nearly 500 acres of surrounding land and captures trash and debris at the lake's edge. Will you join us to #HelpHeartland and keep it a beautiful place that Wentzville can enjoy? You can help by making sure your trash is deposited in proper receptacles in the park and around town, as well as by volunteering to remove trash from the park. Any contribution  - big or small - is appreciated to #HelpHeartland. To learn more about what you can do to #HelpHeartland, call the Parks and Recreation Department at (636) 332-9236.