The State of our City is strong, resilient, forward-thinking, informative, community oriented, focused on the future, and always planning for what's next. I, for one, truly believe the best is yet to come!

We Are Strong

We draw on our strength from our employees, residents, business owners, developers and other key community stakeholders.

Our employees are amazing. For the second year in a row, the City was designated as a Top Workplaces recipient by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This award is 100% based on employee feedback.

Our residents are engaged. Again this year more than 600 participants attended the City's Electronics Recycling and Document Shredding event and kept over 30,000 pounds of electronic waste out of the landfill. 

Our growth is planned and well managed. In 2020, Wentzville processed 308 permits for new housing and more than 2,900 permits Citywide. As growth occurs, the City's leadership will continue to consider how to best build out infrastructure, handle transportation concerns, promote economic development and maintain a high quality of life for residents in our community.

We Are Resilient

2020 was hard on us all, but our City employees made it look easy. Many employees worked from home, while continuing to provide high-quality customer service. We added new online service options so our customers could continue to do business with the City remotely. Staff also streamlined many of our processes so we could be more effective and efficient in responding to the needs of our customers.

We Are Forward-Thinking

Our Economic Development Office pivoted to launch an online eNewsletter, which was sent to over 800 brick and mortar and home-based businesses. This allowed us to communicate timely updates with these folks about grants, funding, COVID changes and more. In 2020 our economic development team received 33 business special projects and completed 140 business visits. Best of all, in 2020, Wentzville grew by 47 new businesses!

We are Informative

A Comprehensive Plan update is in the works for 2021. This is a long-range plan that helps the City prepare for and manage expected population and employment growth, and plan for and coordinate major public infrastructure investments. It accomplishes these goals by providing direction for land use, transportation, parks, sewer and water systems, economic development and more.

Additionally, at the request of the Board of Aldermen, City staff in the Administration and Community Development Departments worked to create new Public Hearing notice signs. These signs, which have already started to appear around town, help to clearly announce public hearings for proposed projects and developments in the City. 

As you can see, we've had a pretty productive year so in this article I was only able to cover a few items. Stay tuned for my next article, which will include a look at the Wentzville Police Department's successes in 2020, an overview of current and future transportation projects, an update on the Wentzville Community Center and more.