Kathy Schweikert

City Staff, The Board of Aldermen, and I are currently working, discussing, and finalizing the City of Lake Saint Louis’s budget for next fiscal year (July 2019 - June 2020) Once again we have a balanced budget with additional funds available for more street projects and new Parks projects. Later this summer, residents will see road enhancements on Freymuth Lane (this is south of I-64, not Freymuth Road). Next year construction of the next phase of Lake St. Louis Blvd will begin (old firehouse to Pleasant Meadow Dr).  There will be a complete reconstruction and an additional left turn lane. Also the Roundabout at Lake St. Louis Blvd and Veterans Memorial Parkway will start construction. We will continue to add streets to our annual asphalt overlay and concrete panel replacement.

In our parks, plans to start the trails system in our “No Name” passive park south of I-64 with access and trailhead from McBride’s new Wyndstone subdivision. This begins development of 40 wooded and prairie acres along Pereque Creek for trails and possibly biking trails. In addition, new playground equipment for Founders Park and other enhancements to our parks will be done. Also we are looking into a water feature park at the Meadows in the future.

On other City notes - look for information in the next couple of months from Meridian as they look to add paper and cardboard to the collection of recyclables.

We continue to receive complaints about residential speeding and people running through stopsigns. Our Police can monitor with speed signs and patrolling the area, but often when they leave it starts up again. Please slow down on your neighborhood streets and DO NOT blow through stopsigns. You could hit or even kill someone - maybe a child! If you can obtain a license plate number (please do not confront the driver for your safety), you may let our Police know and they will contact the motorist to let them know they were observed driving unsafely.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to our annual Memorial Day Ceremony in Veterans Memorial Park to honor and pay respect to our military women and men who died in the line of duty to protect our wonderful country. I would love to see more of you attend next year - It starts at 9 am and is only an hour so you still have the rest of the day for picnicking, barbequing, boating - you will get so much out of it listening to inspirational stories, patriotic music, and more.

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