Summer is officially here. Kids are out in their yards, riding their bikes, walking to friends’ houses or to their neighborhood pool. Increased pedestrians and bicyclists means it’s a great time to remind everyone to take it easy.

I want to urge you to slow down. Slow down when driving through our neighborhoods. Slow down in construction zones. Just slow down, period. In addition, cut out distractions such as texts, phone calls, social media, etc., and concentrate solely on driving – everything else can wait. We want our City streets to be safe; please do your part to help Wentzville be a safer place to live, work and explore.

Keep Kids Alive, Drive 25: Speaking of kids and safety, the “Keep Kids Alive Drive 25” program is one that is near and dear to my heart. Neighborhood speeding is one of the biggest complaints I receive year in and year out. The Drive 25 program is designed to change the way people drive on neighborhood streets and beyond. The goal is to put an end to deaths and injuries caused by speeding and distracted driving on our roads. The City of Wentzville aims to educate and actively engage residents in a common commitment to create safer streets for the benefit of all, beginning in our neighborhoods.

If requested by a local Home Owners Association (HOA), and with City approval, the City will install “Keep Kids Alive Drive 25” signs at additional locations. Additional sign post costs will be incurred by the HOA at $20 per post. The signs, which must be purchased by the HOA, will be installed below existing speed limit signs, and shall not exceed 18” x 24”. To start a “Keep Kids Alive Drive 25” program in your neighborhood, please contact the Wentzville Missouri Police Department at (636) 639-2103 or (636) 639-2143. To learn more, please visit

Construction Zones: In response to resident input, the Board of Aldermen and I have once again focused our attention on the annual street maintenance program. The City annually reviews all City streets and develops a cost-efficient schedule designed specifically to replace deteriorated concrete slabs based upon individual concrete slab condition. To equitably select these slabs, City staff performs field inspections and uses GPS equipment to identify the street segments that are in the worst overall condition within the City. This information is processed with in-house engineering staff to cost effectively prepare the annual slab replacement program. 

The City of Wentzville recognizes the inconvenience experienced by residents during road construction and attempts to expedite the process in the safest and most timely manner possible. We greatly appreciate your patience. For more detailed information about this year’s annual slab replacement projects, please visit

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