Safety is something that we sometimes take for granted. I urge you to take extra steps to protect yourselves, your animals and your property.

Safety First!

Thousands of online transactions, facilitated the multitude of buy-sell-trade sites on Facebook, occur in our area every day. Sometimes these meetings can be unsafe. To increase the safety of these transactions, the Wentzville Police Department (WPD) has opened its lobby to facilitate exchanges for anything purchased or sold online. WPD also has designated parking spots at the Law Enforcement Center entrance. By allowing transactions to take place on our property, we hope to reduce the possibility of fraud, robbery and assaults. The WPD is located at 1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd., and is open 24/7.

Protecting Our Animals

I’m very passionate about the welfare of our animals. As temperatures creep up I urge you to be mindful about the time your animals spend outside. The Human Society offers these tips for protecting your pets this summer.

  • Never leave your pets in a parked car – not even with the car running and the air conditioner on. On a warm day, temperatures inside a vehicle can rise to rapidly dangerous levels.
  • Watch the humidity. If the humidity is too high, animals may be unable to cool themselves.
  • Limit exercise on hot days. On very hot days, limit exercise to early morning or evening hours. Always carry water with you to keep you and your dog from dehydrating.
  • Do not rely on a fan. Fans don’t cool off pets as effectively as they do people.
  • Cool off your pet inside and out by always providing your pet with water.
  • Watch for signs of heatstroke. If your pet is suffering, apply ice packs or cold towels; let the pet drink small amounts of cool water or lick ice cubs; and take them to the veterinarian.

Additionally, the City of Wentzville has guidelines in place to protect our furry friends, too. To report complaints of animals at large, dog bites, barking dogs, vicious animals, or for other domesticated animal complaints or questions, please contact the WPD at (636) 327-5105. For more detailed information, please visit

Prevent Vehicle Break-Ins

Over the last few weeks, we have experienced an increase in thefts from motor vehicles. The common theme: All the vehicles were unlocked. Here are a few reminders from the WPD.

The City of Wentzville is a great community, but we are not immune to crime. WPD conducts proactive patrol during the day and overnight hours, but that patrol can’t be everywhere all the time.

Please lock your vehicles. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Remove valuables from sight – this includes laptops, purses, wallets, money).
  • Remove firearms from unattended vehicles – even if you have hidden them, or invest in a gun safe for your vehicle.
  • And, never, ever leave your keys/key fobs in your vehicle.

Criminals are specifically looking for unlocked cars. Secure your items and take away the opportunity for criminals to break in. To report suspicious activity, please call the Wentzville non-emergency line at (636) 327-5105.

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