I would like to thank the residents of Lake Saint Louis for adhering to the City’s new Fireworks Ordinance (after more than 25 years of being illegal) on the evenings of July 3rd and 4th. Most residents shut down fireworks around 10:30, and limited their personal or neighborhood fireworks displays to these two evenings rather than a week or two of fireworks every night.

Our Police did have to remind some residents the cutoff time was 10:30 pm (some people do work the 5th of July), and were called on a few instances outside the 3rd and 4th. For the most part, residents wanted to keep this privilege and abide by the new rules. Some fireworks beyond this time frame were in areas abutting the City, and since not a part of the City, are not under our police jurisdiction. Many residents enjoyed the Ambassadors spectacular fireworks display on the dam.

The next change affecting residents is starting September 9th, Meridian Waste is adding paper and cardboard recycling pickup along with the current plastics and cans. Yes, due to recycling center requirements, you must have a separate container for paper and cardboard. I realize this is an additional trash can in your garage. The City does allow trash cans to be stored outside if they are surrounded out of view by plastic fencing (you see this all over town) available at Lowes or any hardware store.

The City decided to have everyone included (at $1 more per month for all residents) rather than allowing residents to opt out which would have cost residents who decide to recycle paper $2.50 more a month - this didn’t seem right as we encourage residents to recycle. You may contact Meridian to let them know if you do not want the additional trash can, or if you would like smaller containers. Contact them by August 10th to make your cart selection or opt out of receiving a second cart for fiber. Go to: MeridianWaste.com/PickMyCart/Lake-Saint-Louis. For questions contact the dedicated Lake Saint Louis Customer Care Agent at (314) 291-3131 ext. 4001.

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