In recent months, I and my neighbors have come up on Golf Carts driving on Lake St. Louis Boulevard. 

I contacted my alderman, Justin Hensley, and he took the time to contact the Lake St. Louis Chief of Police. 

Here is the answer that Chief Chris DiGiuseppi provided to Alderman Hensley and Mr. Hensley shared with me.

“Yes - these are not legal unless they meet NHTSA safety requirements- windshields, headlight etc. We do stop them when we locate them and warn drivers they are illegal - you can let that resident know that they can call us when they see a violation and we will send someone to respond and take appropriate action (if we can locate them ). I’ll also copy Melinda, my admin assistant, who can forward the NHTSA requirements (for low speed vehicles) to you to pass to those residents”

Steven Schumacher

Lake Saint Louis