2020 has been a year like no other for most of us in Lake Saint Louis, as well as the rest of the Country.  The year started off like any other, economy going great, but when March hit the bottom fell out with the  COVID-19 virus, shutting down most of our stores, restaurants, and many other businesses.  Most were completely  closed, or only curbside or delivery service available. Fortunately our stores like Walmart,  Lowes, Schnucks. Aldi's, gas stations, and fast food restaurants were open - thanks to all of these workers!  Most importantly, our hospital SSM West St. Joseph was open and treating patients- thanks to our essential doctors, nurses, technicians, and all of the other staff at the hospital. 

The Board of Aldermen, City Staff, and me were very conservative with our City budget this year - furloughing part time workers, foregoing merit increases, cutting out some budget items, or pushing things out a year or two. Pleasantly surprised. sales tax revenue rebounded in May once everything was opened up again, and the trend has continued through Fall.  Barring any National shutdown this winter, I believe this should be a good fiscal year for the City. We have brought back part time employees, implemented small merit increases, and added back the items cut in the budget.  Speaking of our budget, and what should be very good news to taxpayers, is that 2021 will be your final year to pay the 47 cent tax for capital projects (City Hall, I-64/LSL Blvd interchange, Public Works Facility) as the voter approved bonds will be paid off.  This means your City property taxes should almost be cut in half in 2022.

I also wish to take a moment to recognize all of our City Staff who have worked and continued to serve the residents this year, maybe not as up close and personal, but always happy to help in any way they can. Thanks so much for your dedication and the excellent service you provide to Lake Saint Louis residents and businesses!

In closing, my sincerest sympathy to residents impacted by COVID-19, either yourself, family members, friends - especially those who have lost someone to this terrible disease.

I wish all of you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a safe and much better New Year in 2021 for you and your family and friends.