• Name: Kumar Chopra

• Occupation: Retired, last position - Managing Director

• Family: Wife - Margaret, Daughter - Asha Kuhn, Granddaughter - Sonya, Son-In-Law - Jay Kuhn

• Birthday: October 2, 1943

• Birthplace: India

• Current hometown: My wedding in London, England 50 years ago

• Personal hero: Gandhi

• Wish I had more time to: Helping fellow human beings

• Best feature: My ability to work with others

• Best advice: Treat others as you would like to be treated

• Favorite meal: Curry, fish & steaks

• Favorite beverage: Single Malt Whiskey

• 3 People (living or deceased) I’d Invite Over For Dinner: Obama, Gandhi, and a hungry person

• The last book I read: The Soul of America by John Meacham

• The best movie I ever saw:  Dr. Zhivago

• The Song That Makes Me Want to Dance: “Footloose”

• Best Vacation: Freeport Bahamas 1974

• Favorite Car: Murano

• Favorite TV Show: Flip Wilson Show

• Favorite Sport: Golf

• Hardest thing ever done: Hole-In-One on a Par 4

• My Motto: Be kind to all nations

• Pet Peeve: Yard work

• If I Won The Lottery, I Would: Help the needy, friends & family and take a long vacation

This past July, Kumar Chopra was inducted as the incoming President of the Lake St. Louis Lions Club, where his volunteer leadership is worth noting in our community. The activities and impact of the Lions Club starts where we live - in our community. The long history of supporting programs and fighting blindness is epic.  More importantly, taking a leading role in our region to provide vision screening opportunities and support programs for young children through KidSight - a grassroots partnership that will have profound impact on many children.  

Kumar is an individual who our community-at-large should have the opportunity to become familiar, and so... he is today’s Hometown Face.

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