With the COVID-19 pandemic this year and so many activities being cancelled, the LSLCA has worked diligently to try to keep everything operating as normally as possible so our members can enjoy the Summer and CA amenities.

Unfortunately, we are having a significant increase in issues this year with our young adult members and their guests, and so we want to bring some things to your attention with the hope that you can help us by discussing these issues with your children.

• CA members are required to carry their ID cards when using the amenities.

• The clubhouse/beach/swimming pool are restricted to no more than four guests. Guests must be with the member. If the member leaves, the guests must leave with them.

• The clubhouse/beach/swimming pool/parking lot/playground areas are closed at dusk. Only restaurant patrons should be on the property at this time.

• We have a zero-tolerance policy for trespassing after dark. The LSL Police Department is increasing patrols at the clubhouse during these hours, and we have increased our video surveillance at the clubhouse, and our marinas. We are monitoring the property via surveillance and will report anyone (member or nonmember) who is found to be trespassing. Water Patrol is further increasing their patrols of these areas.

• We have a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking, illegal drug, obscene or foul language, and any other behavior that is deemed inappropriate for a family environment while on CA property.

To clarify what issues have caused the need for this communication:

• This Summer we have had multiple instances of young adults breaking into the swimming pool area after dark and gathering at the beach/playground/parking lots. On Monday, June 22 around 2:00 AM a group of young adults wrenched open the roll-top door of the pool cabana and stole alcohol and food, in addition to causing significant property damage. They also stole a CA kayak, attempted to break into the clubhouse, and vandalized the property. We have the group on video surveillance and will be pressing charges to all people involved in these crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

• We have received multiple reports of vandalism to private property. If your property has been vandalized, please file a report with the police department.

• The golf course has been vandalized, including property damage inflicted on the greens in the form of digging obscene words into the course and leaving empty beer cans/trash throughout the course.

• Almost every night over the past two weeks we have had large groups of young adults loitering in the clubhouse parking lot after 10:00 PM at night which has resulted in staff or the police having to ask the group to leave. In several cases there was 1 or 2 young adult CA members with more than 15 guests. If we need to continue to remind the same members about the guest policy for the clubhouse grounds and our hours of operation, we will be forced to file trespassing charges and suspend the amenity rights of those members (30 days for each offense).

• We have been receiving a substantial increase in complaints regarding obscene/foul language and inappropriate behavior on CA property. We address each instance as soon as we are aware of it; however, we need your help in impressing upon our young adult members that this is unacceptable behavior. Obscene language and inappropriate behavior on CA property will be addressed accordingly to the severity of the offense.

• We encourage members to report underage drinking or illegal drug use to staff or the police immediately.

This is not the type of communication anyone wants to send. This year has been unusual and difficult for everyone, and we realize that our young members are limited in ways to enjoy their Summer break. We are also aware that many of our young adult members are not engaging in this behavior, and it is not our intention to make anyone feel unwelcome or that they must walk on eggshells so that they donít draw unwanted attention. We want everyone to continue enjoying their Summer, and hope that we can work together to address these issues as a community.



Heather Malone

General Manager, LSLCA

636-625-8276 ext. 104