In celebration of National Drinking Water Week, Wentzville senior art students participated in a contest to win scholarships from the City of Wentzville’s Water Division. Creatively implementing the designated “Dr. Seuss” theme, the students painted fire hydrants to be displayed throughout Historic Downtown Wentzville.

As one of the only fine-arts related scholarships in the area, three students from Holt, Liberty and Timberland high schools were awarded $1,000 scholarships for their creative fire hydrant designs. This year’s first-place winners include seniors Stephanie Tauser (Holt), Savannah Hayton (Timberland) and Courtney Harmon (Liberty).

These fire hydrants, representing the diligent and innovative work of Wentzville students, will be on display near the bottom of the water tower on East Pearce Boulevard until the end of May. To honor the students’ creative efforts and to serve as a reminder of Wentzville’s dedication to providing residents with quality drinking water, the artistic fire hydrants will be displayed throughout downtown Wentzville between June and November.

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