The St. Charles County Department of Public Health, located at 1650 Boones Lick Road in St. Charles, moved to a temporary facility for several months on July 20, while building improvements are made to better serve and care for county residents. Online and phone services will be available throughout the moving process, and in-person services and appointments are expected to resume soon.

The project was approved by the St. Charles County Council earlier this month and is expected to be completed in early 2021. Improvements include additional clinic space, enhanced disease prevention barriers for clients and staff, and an on-site lab for testing procedures.

"These improvements are needed to reduce opportunities for direct, face-to-face, interaction and the spread of infection while guests are receiving services from our staff," says Public Health Director Demetrius CianciChapman. "While modifications, such as more clinic and staff space, have been a need for some time, the onset of COVID-19 has underscored the necessity for more efficient exam spaces, confidential areas to accommodate additional communicable disease staff, and more sinks to improve handwashing access for staff and clients."

A date will be announced for the restart of in-person and appointment services through the Division of Health Services and the Division of Environmental Health and Protection at the temporary facility, located at 1551 Wall Street in St. Charles. Until then, clients are asked to use the websites below or call the following numbers for these services:

• Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) - 636-949-7402

• STD Testing and Treatment - 636-949-7484

• Birth and Death Certificates (Vital Records) - 636-949-7558

• U.S. Passport Application Assistance - 636-949-7412

• Immunizations - 636-949-1857

• Food Permits and Inspections - 636-949-1800

• Additional Consumer Service Provider Permits and Inspections - 636-949-1800

• Mosquito Control and Treatment - 636-949-1800

• Private Water Supply Testing Assistance - 636-949-1800.