What better gift for Father’s Day can a dad ask for than just getting to see his daughter everyday?

Getting to work with her too.

At least that’s how Kevin Brown feels.

Kevin recently opened a PuroClean in Wentzville, designating himself as Wentzville, St. Charles County and Lincoln County’s newest “paramedics of property damage.” 

“We go in and help homeowners and commercial property owners after their property has received damage from water, fire, mold or biohazards,” Brown said.

“We go in and try to mitigate any further damage and help them clean up and remove any damage or contamination to their property and get them back on the path to getting normal.”

Brown, who in college worked as a volunteer fireman and afterwards designed fire trucks for seven years, has a long history in the service industry.

After hitting a crossroads in his career, Brown looked for something new, something where he could still serve his community, and he eventually stumbled upon the idea for his current business.

He took the plunge into the world of restoration and when he was in need of a seasoned customer service rep for his new business, he looked no further than his daughter, Jessica.

“I was very clear when we talked about her coming into the business that it wasn’t a case of where she was going to work for me, but work with me,” Kevin said.

Kevin mentioned that he and Jessica have been researching concepts and methods for running successful businesses, and one that stuck out to him was to get the “right people on the bus,” and figure out what seat they’d take after they are there.

“I knew Jessica was one of those people I wanted on that bus,” Kevin said.

Not only had Jessica worked in customer service, in some form or fashion, since she was 14, but Kevin said that she brought a caring compassion to the business.

“I asked her to join the business and help shape it, and really help make the decisions around the strategy and tactics on how we’d do it,” Kevin said.

Some family members would loathe the idea of having to work with one another, but not the Browns.

“I always like to joke with my family that it’s the one family phone call I can’t ignore,” Jessica said. “My father and I, although we’ve worked in different fields, we would frequently call each other and vent about our current struggles with current companies, their approaches to customer service, employee engagement and general business and we always seemed to share the same drive and desire for something better.”

So when her father asked her to join, she had very few reservations, and even saw it as a blank canvas on which she, along with her father, could paint their ideal careers.

“When he asked me to join, for one, I couldn’t say no to my father, but also I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to redefine customer service and company culture [to] the way both of us always wanted it but never could find,” she said.

Kevin and Jessica are very much on the same page with the way they want their company to treat customers. 

“We want a whole team that shows empathy rather than just sympathy for customers. Definitely understanding where people are coming from and putting yourself in their shoes and being a part of their family as they invite us, our family, into their home,” Jessica said.

She also said that a major factor for how they run their business will be constantly learning. 

“My dad and I are very good at saying that we don’t know everything. We are hungry for knowledge,” Jessica said.  “The more knowledge we can get from other people, the more strategic partners we can make or just the more good people we can add to our team to make a better group thing, that’s big for us.”

Kevin said that all of that is exactly why he wanted Jessica to bring to the business and added that he sees a lot of servce companies come in and do the work without ever really engaging with the customer or informing them on what is happening.

“I think a lot of people don’t always understand what they have and why it is so important and why it needs to be done right,” Kevin said. “So we really try to work to educate the customers.”

So far, Kevin and Jessica Brown are proving to be a dynamic duo and operating as smoothly as they would have hoped.

“We’ve had some great luck and a lot of engagement with the Troy Area Chamber of Commerce. They’ve been great and very supportive of us, connecting us with other businesses in the area. We look forward to getting more engaged and touching more customers and businesses,” Kevin said.

Jessica stated that it is a unique situation that she is in with her father and that not a lot of people get to experience a parent or child in that manner.

“This has been really interesting. I’m learning a whole new side of how his mind works,” Jessica said. “I get to be in his life at a very different level and get to see him in a very different role than just my father.”

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