2020 finds the World once again engaged in a global war.  All nations are affected, but the enemy in World War ‘C’ is not a nation or a group of terrorists.  This enemy is a virus, COVID-19.  As in all wars, past and present, the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution has joined in assisting the war effort.  It is calling on each of her members to find new and innovative ways to continue to provide service to our country.   To date the NSDAR nationwide members have made over 350,000 masks.

The Caroline Close Stuart Chapter members have answered the call including, Marilyn Hartnett, Sisters Christine, Robyn and Brittany Johnson, Nancy Milliken, Elaine Gilmore, Lynda Gorline, Cheryl Hanks-Sinecki and Nan Walther to name a few.  They have embraced the battle by making and distributing over 1,000 face masks made by their members.

Other Chapter members have enthusiastically donating elastic, fabric, time and skill.  They are working diligently to provide a safety net for first responders who are required to be out and about.  Many of the masks have a definite patriotic theme being made from fabric used for other projects.

One of our Chapter members, Pat Engelhardt, has a very personal motivation for participating in this effort.  Her daughter works at Progress West Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist.  As Pat noted, ”Every mask someone is wearing is one less person with COVID-19 my daughter may need to Xray.” Her masks have N95 properties and are specifically designed to be disinfected by baking them in the oven.  They have also been distributed in the dental office at an Air Force base where she works.

The Caroline Close Stuart Chapter has been busy, but the need continues.  Hearing the Local VA hospital reported a need for masks for the VA hospital in St. Louis, the Chapter is conducting a mask drive in May and June.  Finished masks are needed as well as supplies to make them.

"We have the ladies who can sew and make the masks.  Now we just need the donations to keep making them.," says Chapter Regent Marilyn Hartnett.  Please call her to see where donations may be dropped off.

For more information about the DAR or to make donations for making masks contact Chapter Regent, Marilyn Hartnett at 636-357-1038. You may also find information about the local DAR chapter on the web at