As a state-registered provider of the COVID-19 vaccine, the St. Charles County Department of Public Health (DPH) has begun vaccination distribution pursuant to the State’s vaccination plan. In Dec. 2020, the State authorized vaccination of those in Phase 1A; on Jan. 14, the state authorized vaccination of those in Phase 1B – Tier 1, and Phase 1B – Tier 2 (see graphic above). The DPH is receiving vaccines but has not been advised by the State regarding the timing or quantity of subsequent vaccine deliveries.

To prepare for distribution of the vaccine, the County is providing the link below to allow you to sign up so that, when your phase is reached, you can be contacted to receive the vaccination. Whatever phase you are in, you can sign up NOW to be placed in a virtual queue. We urge you to also sign up through your health care provider’s hospital affiliation (such as SSM, Mercy or BJC) so that if the healthcare systems receive vaccine prior to the County, you can receive a vaccination in the timeliest manner. If you receive a vaccine from one provider, you can ask to be removed from the other lists for which you have registered.

If you receive an email from the DPH that you’re invited to make a vaccination appointment, the link should only be used by the direct recipient. Sharing the link with friends or making an appointment without receiving a direct invitation from DPH will result in being denied service upon arrival at the DPH vaccination site.

Area hospitals which also have sign-up sites for vaccines are: BJC, Mercy, SSM, and St. Luke’s. 

Future updates will be posted on the DPH COVID-19 Vaccination Information webpage. 

Even as those on the front lines of fighting COVID-19 and those most vulnerable to the disease start receiving the vaccination, it’s still crucial for all of us to continue following precautions to slow the pandemic. The vaccination is just one of many tools that, together, provide the best protection from getting and spreading the virus. St. Charles County Government and the DPH urge the public to continue:

• Wearing a mask, limiting contacts and interactions, distancing from others, and washing hands frequently.

• Following simple daily routines: Go to work, go home. Go to school, go home. Do necessary errands and go home.