Presort, Inc., owners Jeromy Fritz and Mark Schaetzel, direct-mail specialist, has purchased the building at 513 West Pearce Blvd. and will move in on Feb. 1, solidifying the company’s commitment not only to its own future but also that of the community.

“We just love Wentzville,” says Presort owner and president Jeromy Fritz. “We’ve always done our best to be involved with the city and the people here. And they’ve returned the favor and welcomed us from day one.”

Since Fritz’s arrival in the early 1990s, Presort has established itself as an industry leader in mail consolidation, combining large volumes of mail from other companies in order to offer a significant discount on postage. When Presort acquired Wentzville’s Save On Mail in 2012, it was still riding the Digital Revolution to broaden both its geographic reach in the region as well as its menu of services, which had grown to include printing, direct mail, warehousing, and product fulfillment (like a boutique Amazon). But while Presort’s horizons were expanding, the firm never lost sight of its local impact—the company did everything it could to retain the entire Save On Mail team, much of which had been there for decades.

“Part of it was wanting to keep the experience and institutional knowledge intact,” says Fritz. “But it’s also about loyalty to those families and to the community. It was important to us to integrate that team into our culture and make sure they—and the city—are growing along with us.”

With the lease to its previous location set to run out early this year, Presort decided it was time to buy. The new location at 513 West Pearce Blvd., a former U.S. Post Office, features a storefront that will soon welcome Wentzville neighbors looking for Presort’s services, including its latest expansion into the parcel-shipping industry—yet another way Presort can serve its adopted hometown. 

ABOUT PRESORT, INC.: Presort Inc. is a St. Louis–based company that specializes in a variety of direct mail services, from printing and mailing to warehousing. We have the resources and capabilities to help companies pull off any direct mail campaign.