The first annual Wentzville Holiday House Tour will be on Dec. 8 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and will start at Wentzville Green Lantern Senior Center, which was originally a school.

At the Green Lantern, there will be cider, hot chocolate and cookies, which will be provided by Ellbee’s General Store.

Tickets for the event are $20, which includes beverages and snacks before the tour and a commemorative glass and free beverage at Friendship Brewery after the tour.

There are five houses that are a part of the tour, all located on historic Linn Avenue.

The tour will end at Friendship Brewery, where there will be a 50/50 drawing and a free beverage for those who took the tour and have their ticket.

“They are all very unique and different and they are just going to be glammed out from one end to the other with Christmas and holiday,” Linda Styer, owner of Ellbee’s, said.

She said that there will also be carolers strolling up and down Linn along with a photographer.

The Wentzville Historical Society, in conjunction with Friendship Brewing, is putting on this event. 

“A lot of Historical Societies do this. The City of Wentzville had done a reconnaissance survey about historical properties and that, but haven’t really gone forward with that to create an historical district. We just want people to understand that we have some cool things down here,” Lois Kessler said. Kessler is the president of the Historical Society.

She said that the Historical Society is all about preservation and getting knowledge out and this is just one more event to add to the awareness efforts.

“There are so many neat things happening in our downtown area and we just thought that this could be the cherry on the top of it. People are getting excited,” Styer said.

Those taking the tour will be able to walk the tour at their own pace, staying at each property however long or short they’d like.

Once they get into the homes, participants might be guided around by the owners but, for the most part, it can be done at their own pace.

There will be fun facts at each house, then and now info and really any other information that can be tracked down on the homes.

“Come on out, bring your friends. Make it a girl day or an outing for the family,” Styer said.

Kessler said that, due to the nature of the tour, being in historic homes where people are living, the recommended age range for children would be 10 and up.

“Just because of the nature of it: you’re going through someone’s private home and there are other people there. It’s not like we are talking about big, big mansions,” Kessler said.

The event is also rain or shine.

Kessler and Styer are hopeful about the inaugural tour being a success and hope to make it an annual event.

The five houses that are participating in the tour all volunteered to do such and Kessler and Styer think it is likely that if this year is a success, then there will be more houses wanting to volunteer next year.

“We reached out to homes that were on Linn Avenue because that is where we felt like that was where they were clustered the most,” Kessler said. “Five volunteered to do it. I think some were holding back because they sort of want to see how it goes.”

“And we do, too,” Styer said, adding, “This is our first launch on it. Five is a manageable number and I think we will learn a lot from this years event.”

Styer assured that the decorations wouldn’t be the typical red and green Christmas decorations.

“Each house is going to be uniquely decorated. They each have their own themes and their own color schemes and period schemes. They are going to be just so fun,” Styer said. 

“We suggest getting tickets early,” Kessler said.

Tickets can be bought at the Green Lantern the day of the tour along with Ehll’s Western Auto and Ellbee’s General Store.

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