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To cross an item off her bucket list, 90-year-old Pat Roberts recently got some ink.

Thanks to the donation of time and talent of Bo Hayes, owner of The Ultimate Art Form Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Wentzville, Pat got a heart stenciled onto her right arm with two names inside it: Jim and Pat.

“The heart is for my husband, and it’s got his name and my name on it,” Pat said.

The pair were married for 58 years. 

Grandma 2

“We met at a ball diamond out here in Silex,” Pat said. She had moved out to Lincoln County from Ferguson around the age of eighteen when her father bought a farm in the area. She said Jim farmed the land for her parents. 

“He told us he was going to play ball that night,” Pat said. “And so my sisters and I went out to see the ball game. We looked at each other through the screen – he had the prettiest blue eyes, and that’s all I saw was those blue eyes. And he said the same about me. And I think that we fell in love that night.” 

Jim and Pat dated for about eight months before they got married, and the pair had six children – five boys and one girl. 

She just turned 90 on July 15. Years ago, her family used to all go down to the Lake of the Ozarks. For her 90th birthday, when her kids asked her what she wanted to do, Pat said she wanted to take a trip back down to the lake with the whole family.

“There were about 34, 35, 36 of us, something like that, they all came,” Pat said. 


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