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Winter Saving Tips

Take advantage of heat from the Sun

  • Open curtains on your south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home and close them at night to reduce the chill you feel from the cool windows.


Cover Drafty Windows

  • Install tight-fitting, insulating drapes or shades on windows.
  • Install heavy-duty clear plastic sheet over inside window frame.


Adjust the Temperature

  • When you are home and awake, set your thermostat as low as is comfortable (try a degree or two than normal setting)
  • When you are asleep or out of the house, turn your thermostat back 2-5 degrees lower than normal.
  • Installing a programmable smart thermostat will help with automatic set backs.


Maintain your heating systems

  • Replace your filter in furnace every month to 2 months during the real cold months.
  • Have your furnace cleaned.