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Why use a Tenant Rep?

Searching for commercial real estate space can be a challenging and often frustrating experience for many business owners.  The last thing you have time for is spending hours searching for space, you have more important things you could be doing. Tenant rep brokers are invaluable when securing commercial space to lease. They do the research based on your needs and wants and then you only spend time looking at properties that fit your needs.

A good Tenant Rep will not only know the current market rates, but also which way they are trending.  They will be able to provide both you and your potential Landlord comparable properties strengthening your negotiation position.  They’ll know what incentives you might be able to negotiate into your Lease.

Commercial Real Estate can be complex if not tricky to say the least.  With Terms like Triple Net, CAM, Tenant Allowance or Modified Gross, having a Tenant Rep to explain them and make sure each property is being looked at apples to apples can be invaluable.

Hiring a tenant rep broker won’t impact your bottom line or make your deal more expensive. Prospective tenants don’t generally pay tenant rep brokers. Instead, the landlord covers the cost of brokers’ services. How nice is that, someone working for you gets paid by someone else while you reap the benefits of having your best interest being looked after.  The time saving factor alone should make you run out and secure a Tenant Rep.