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Why Install A Humidifier With My Home Furnace?

Installing a whole house humidifier to work with your home furnace will provide optimal humidification throughout your entire house. Whole house humidifiers work with the home furnace to distribute moisture efficiently to all living areas, whereas portable models are only capable of treating moisture areas in smaller areas. Humidifiers installed with the home furnace use little energy and require minimal maintenance, making them a more user-friendly option.

Benefits of Home Furnace Humidifiers

Home furnace humidifiers offer many benefits for homeowners and occupants. Some of the key reasons homeowners choose whole house humidifiers to work with their home furnaces include:

Health improvements from treating dry air throughout the home. Home furnace humidifiers have been shown to improve lung health, alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, and lessen instances of illness.

Improving home comfort during colder months. Proper humidification of the home can make the space feel warmer with lower temperatures. The minor amount of energy consumed by the home furnace humidifier leads to a great savings in energy consumed by the heating system to keep the home warmer when air is drier, saving users money.

Protection of the home. When humidity levels in the home are kept balanced by a furnace humidifier, the damaging effects of dry air are kept at bay. Wood flooring, cabinets, furniture, and other fixtures are protected from cracks and drying out. Static electricity in the home is also reduced when air is properly moisturized.