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Wentzville Schools raise over $126,000 for the American Heart Association

Posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 8:22 am

Schools in the Wentzville School District (WSD) raised over $126,000 last year for the American Heart Association (AHA), the third-most in the state, thanks to students in 17 of its schools who held fundraisers over the course of the school year, including Jump Rope for Heart, Hoops for Heart, and Dodgeball for Heart. According to the AHA, this means the WSD helped save thousands of lives right in our own area. Funds raised for the AHA go toward research, education and medication to fight heart disease in Missouri. The participating schools also received over $9,350 in vouchers that they can use to purchase physical education equipment through the program. By participating in the various fundraisers, students learned how to take care of their own hearts, as well as how fulfilling it can be to show your heart in helping others in need.

During the previous school year, WSD schools had raised over $110,000; so this year’s total reflects a 15% increase in their fundraising efforts. Duello Elementary alone raised over $18,500 in their Jump Rope for Heart campaign, their best year ever. That ranked Duello in the top ten of all Jump Rope for Heart campaigns in Missouri, and the highest in the WSD. Their generosity earned nearly $3,000 worth of PE equipment. Discovery Ridge Elementary, last year’s highest fund raiser, followed close behind with over $18,000 in donations. Wabash and Green Tree Elementary also raised more than $10,000, with Green Tree having its best year ($10,518) and Wabash demonstrating how much heart it has in its first year ($13,878). Schools in the WSD have been raising funds for the AHA for more than twenty years. Over the last five years, WSD schools have collectively raised over $420,000 for the AHA.

Physical education teachers and administrators from the participating schools were all recognized before the Board of Education at the September 20th Board Meeting. According to Barb Reyering, Youth Marketing Director for the AHA – Midwest Affiliate, “Our number one goal is to educate students about living a heart-healthy life. Studies have shown that if elementary students start to make healthy food choices, exercise and refrain from smoking, they can potentially extend their lives by as many as five years. This past year, we were able to get this message out to more students than ever before. The physical education teachers and nurses in the WSD do a tremendous job of promoting heart-healthy living and teaching their kids about helping others with special hearts. We are so grateful for all the wonderful work they do for this lifesaving mission.”