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Wentzville School District students honored with Glory of Missouri Awards

Posted on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 8:25 am

Twenty-one WSD students have been named recipients of the 2018 Glory of Missouri Award by State Representatives Bryan Spencer, Bart Korman and Justin Hill. The Glory of Missouri Awards were created to recognize students who display virtuous qualities both as students and as citizens. Each student honored represents one of the virtues of good government engraved on the walls of the House Chamber. The virtues include knowledge, liberty, equality, law, justice, fraternity, education, progress, honor, truth, virtue, temperance, enterprise and charity.

“Our area is blessed to have outstanding young people who are exceptional students, as well as individuals of the highest character. These are young people who are on track to accomplish great things in life,” said Spencer, R-Wentzville. “The Glory of Missouri Awards exist to shine a spotlight on our very best students and citizens, and this year’s winners are without question some of the most accomplished young people we have recognized,” added Hill, R-Lake St. Louis.

Luke Price, Holt High School, and Austin Fields, Wentzville Middle School (Charity)

Katherine Matney and Hailey Vohsen, Holt High School (Education)

Baylee Ramey, Holt High School (Enterprise)

Steven Marion, Holt High School, and Kyle Rehme, Timberland High School (Equality)

Allen Baker, Holt High School, and Allison McDonald, Timberland High School (Fraternity)

Austin Medlock, Holt High School, and Alexis Vohsen, Wentzville Middle School (Honor)

Annalise Le, Holt High School (Justice)

Macy Steber, Holt High School (Knowledge)

Samuel Rowan, Holt High School (Law)

Maxwell Mades, Holt High School, and Olivia O’Rando, Wentzville Middle School (Liberty)

Carson Byrnes, Holt High School, and Eric Reininger, Timberland High School (Progress)

Mya Robinson, Holt High School, (Temperance)

Jessica Ballard, Holt High School (Truth)

Hunter Richardson, Holt High School (Virtue)

Nominations for each of the categories were made by teachers, community leaders, and parents.  Spencer, Korman and Hill are now accepting nominations for the 2019 Glory of Missouri Awards. Individuals interested in nominating an outstanding student must provide a name, address, category, and in 50 words or less a description of how the student’s characteristic represents a specific category. Nominations should be mailed to their representative at Missouri State Capitol, 201 West Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65101 or by fax at 573-522-0463. For additional information, please call 573-751-1460.