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Wentzville School District high school students excel at Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Posted on Friday, March 2, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Students from the Wentzville School District competed in the high school portion of Missouri’s Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair held at Holt High School on Saturday, February 24th. Timberland senior Nikolos Antonio received overall First Place in the Honors Division for his project “Using a Neural Network to Detect Threats Inside of TSA Images” and will advance to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Pittsburgh, PA May 13-19. Nikolos was also awarded the Yale Science and Engineering Award, the Naval Research Award, the Mu Alpha Theta Award, and the Intel Excellence in Computing Award.

Holt junior Charles Stone won Second Place for his project “Comparing Developmental Defects of Isolated Electronic Nicotine Delivery System’s Liquid Components and E-liquid on Drosophila” and will attend the ISEF as an official observer. Charles also earned the Naval Research Award and the Society for InVitro Biology Award.

Timberland senior Mason Misener won Third Place for her project “Bacterial Susceptibility to Silver Nitrate.”

There was a four-way tie for Fourth Place between Holt senior Abigail Hunt for her project “Investigation of Glycine max Maturity Group Impact upon Circadian Water Regulation,” Holt senior Taylor Storms for her project “Comparing Genetic Stress Response Between Male and Female Alzheimer’s Mouse Models,” Timberland junior Andrew Vehige for his project “ Image Analysis-Based Seed Phenomics in Model Grass Setaria viridis,” and Holt senior Sydney Wieberg for her project “The Correlation of foot Posture with Gender and Running Biomechanics.”

Timberland junior Ashton Estill was awarded the American Psychological Association Award.