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Wentzville Recycling Program Changes – by Mayor Nick Guccione

Posted on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 11:09 am

The recycling industry has faced significant challenges in 2018. These challenges have warranted several changes in recycling collection for cities around the world, especially “single-stream recyclers” like many cities in the St. Louis region. Wentzville has recently made changes to its residential recycling program. Lake Saint Louis, O’Fallon, Kirkwood, and many others, have made similar changes to their curbside collection programs.

China, which had been the world’s largest importer of recyclables, no longer accepts single-stream recyclable materials from the United States – as the stream is typically contaminated with food waste, etc. Changes must now be made, as China was the primary world-wide market for these materials. Because of this global impact, Meridian Waste Inc. (the City of Wentzville’s hauler) no longer accepts some recyclables collected curbside from its residential customers. As a result, several changes to Wentzville’s residential recycling program have been made.

This change is unfortunate and not one that we wanted to make. Recycling is not going away. However, this is a period of change in the global recycling industry that has greatly affected curbside recycling. Many cities locally and nationwide, are making similar changes to programs to reduce contamination.

To learn more about what is accepted and not accepted, browse frequently asked questions, and learn about Wentzville residential drop-off sites, please visit There is still a market for “clean” recyclables, which is why all recycled items must be clean and dry before you put them together in your cart. Don’t put your accepted recyclables in plastic bags – simply put them directly in your cart.

While this has been a significant change for everyone involved, I just want to say that Wentzville residents rock! We greatly appreciate your commitment to recycling. We know that change is hard, and we also know that driving your cardboard and glass to a drop-off site can be inconvenient. We are thankful you are willing to go the extra mile.

Don’t forget: when dropping off cardboard, boxes must be flattened. Did you know that more than 10 times the number of boxes can fit into the dumpsters if the boxes are broken down first? Meridian Waste Inc., is on schedule to empty these dumpsters more than four times each week. We are working on establishing additional drop-off sites and potentially adding more dumpsters at each site. Thank you for your patience as we work through this process. If you have questions, please call Public Works at (636) 327-5102 or email .

Coming soon! We currently have several electronics recycling events in the works for 2019. We will announce the dates and locations very soon. We are excited to continue to offer events like these to help divert even more waste from the landfill. Thank you, again, for doing your part to recycle responsibly.