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Trash Talking

Posted on Friday, November 2, 2018 at 9:38 am

Kathy Schweikert – Lake Saint Louis Mayor

By Kathy Schweikert, Lake Saint Louis Mayor

Trash talking – it’s in the local news a lot lately, and where the City of Lake Saint Louis is concerned, it was not until mid last week that we learned the City of St. Peters would take some of our recycling at their recycling facility (we appreciate this agreement very much!).

I can understand residents frustrations – there wasn’t much time to plan for these changes in what you can now recycle – but all trash haulers were informed that November 1st, the locations they hauled to would no longer accept recycling materials.  We are fortunate Meridian and the City of Lake Saint Louis have worked out an agreement with the City of St. Peters who will accept aluminium and tin cans, plastic bottles/containers except no. 4 and 6 and black colored (rinsed out please).  There will no longer be curbside pickup for glass or paper products. Glass, newspapers, junk mail, brown grocery bags, broken down cardboard and fiber boxes will be accepted at Recycle Works West at 2110 E. Pitman in Wentzville Mon- Sat from 8:30 – 4:30.  This facility is run by St. Charles County government – you may go to their website for other recyclable items accepted (some like computers and TVs have a fee).  Details may be found at

The City of Lake Saint Louis will also be discussing with Meridian the possibility of residents “opting out” of recycling (I have heard some residents say with the new limitations now, they will probably not recycle and would like this option).

Why these changes now?? China has been telling the US for over two years they are receiving too much and too “dirty” trash, and would eventually have to limit.  It has nothing to do with the individual trash haulers.  It is bothersome to me also as 85% of my trash went into the recycling container – always careful to be sure all my recyclables were in it.  Please be alert for information directly from Meridian (like door hangers and stickers for your trash cans showing allowable recyclables), and information from the City.  Also, please be patient with these changes that are impacting all of us.