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Three Calendar Myths of Real Estate

1. Real Estate Sales flow with the school calendar. Real Estate has become more and more season-less.  The old fashioned idea of real estate happening when the weather is ideal could not be further than the truth.    Clients considering new construction with a Spring move-in date are house hunting today.

2. Fall is Real Estate Slow Down Season. The old myth of “The Leaves are Falling and so are the Buyers”, could not be further from the truth.  September had a healthy spurt in activity and some movement in the upper end from a buyer’s market to more of a balanced market.  Raking leaves has been the catalyst to many jumping to a condo or villa.

3. There have been “For Sale” Signs up for months around town without many “Sold Signs,” therefore the market is slow. “For Sale” signs remain up for the marketing time and many during the contingency period of the contract. A house could sell on the first day of the market without a sold sign appearing for another 4 weeks.  Some firms will place an “Under Contract” sign during the contingency period. The Sold Sign usually appears after all contingencies have been satisfied, which might be days before the closing. In some cases, the sign will never have a “SOLD”, because the contingencies will not be satisfied until the day of closing.

It is Great Time to Market Your Home!