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The Wentzville School District announces support staff employees of the year

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2018 at 9:25 am

Erica Way and Peine Ridge Principal Dr. Ryan Andrews

The Wentzville School District is proud to recognize all of the hard working support staff employees who go above and beyond for our students and our District. It is the support staff employees who drive our buses, prepare the food, clean our schools, and do scores of other jobs that help support the educational efforts of the District. Our support staff employees often labor behind the scenes, but their hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Every year, each building in the District selects their own “Support Staff Employee of the Year,” and the building winners are eligible for the District Support Staff Employee of the Year Award, announced during the annual District Awards Banquet in May. 

2018 WSD Support Staff Employees of the Year

  • Admin Center/Berrey-Place Center/Harris…Katie Kruchowski, Student Data Technician Assistant
  • Barfield ECSEC…Rylee Buchheit, Instructional Assistant
  • Boone Trail…Kim Parker, Instructional Assistant
  • Crossroads…Katie VanderPloeg, Instructional Assistant
  • Discovery Ridge…Pam Tucker, Library Assistant
  • Duello…Annquinetta Rogers, Instructional Assistant
  • Frontier Middle…Sherry Mason, Division Secretary
  • Green Tree…Nicole Farace, Instructional Assistant
  • Heritage Intermediate…Tyler Douglas, Custodian
  • Heritage Primary…Leslie Grimmer, Division Secretary
  • Holt…Dianna Bigelow, Instructional Assistant
  • Lakeview…Marsha Sverdrup, Instructional Assistant
  • Liberty…Matthew Boswell, Custodian
  • Mind Development Center…Melissa Ortbals, Instructional Assistant
  • Pearce Hall…Denise Clark, Nurse
  • Peine Ridge…Erica Way, Instructional Assistant
  • Prairie View…Pam Foster, Paraprofessional
  • South Middle…Marlin Berry, Custodian
  • Stone Creek…Keri Manor, Principal’s Secretary
  • Support Services…Pat Kain, Distribution Specialist
  • Timberland…Kelly Hoven, Library Assistant
  • Transportation…Titus Tubb, Bus Driver
  • Wabash…Ray Tutterrow, Custodian
  • Wentzville Middle…Donna McCutcheon, Instructional Assistant

The eligible positions for Support Staff Employee of the Year include Bus Driver/Aide, Café/Playground Supervisor, Chautauqua Employee, Custodian, Food Service Employee, Instructional Assistant, Library Assistant, Health Service Aide, Maintenance Employee, Mechanic/Router/Dispatcher/Fueler, Nurse, Nurse Assistant, Office Staff, Parent Educators, Security Guard, Paraprofessional and Technician.