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The Hearing Center

The sooner the better

Hearing devices have made leaps and bounds advancements over the last 25 years.  You still have people that try hearing devices and say, “It amplifies all the noise but it does not help with speech clarity.”

Hearing devices are not miracle workers, they cannot improve clarity if your hearing loss has advanced to the point where your brain cannot distinguish speech clearly. Your hearing devices cannot retrain the brain. So you see the sooner the better.

The national average hearing loss detected is at about age 55. Most people wait on average of seven years before they do something about it (hearing screening, hearing test, and purchasing hearing devices).   Hearing loss is no laughing matter and as soon as you detect that you feel that you have hearing loss you should get a hearing screening. Most hearing centers give free hearing tests.

Here is something else to think about. If when you notice that you have a hearing loss, maybe you’ve lost 10 – 15%, you wait 5 years then you’ve lost 30%. Which would be easier to get used too? Ten percent or 30 percent difference. The answer is 10%.  So  not only would it benefit you to get hearing devices sooner simply because it would be easier to get used to but also it is a lot better for your hearing because hearing devices at the proper level of amplification helps sustain better hearing, clarity of speech and overall happier way of life.