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The Mayors Corner

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 at 11:56 am

Kathy Schweikert – Lake Saint Louis Mayor

By Kathy Schweikert, Lake St. Louis Mayor

With the new year, here are a few updates on a proposed update to our definition of Commercial Vehicles Ordinance, and a soon to be available online questionnaire on whether personal fireworks should be allowed to be discharged within the city limits.

The changes to the Commercial Vehicle Ordinance (allowing signage and a ladder rack with one ladder on a commercial vehicle to be parked outside in the driveway/parking lot of a home, apartment, or condo.) will not have a second reading and final vote until Tuesday, January 16th.  One of the aldermen wished to add an additional ladder for a total of two to be allowed so that both an extension and step ladder could be on the ladder rack.

Within the next week or so there will be an online survey with a few questions asking residents what they think about Lake Saint Louis allowing residents to shoot their own personal fireworks – mainly on the 4th of July.  This survey was prompted by some residents approaching the City about allowing fireworks since many people illegally shot them off, especially on the 4th.  A committee of residents, Alderman Karen Vennard and Chief DiGuiseppi put together the Fireworks Survey questions.

It is difficult for the Police to apprehend anyone most of the time, as the people are gone when police arrive, and the person who calls tell police (and their elected officials), they do not want to turn in their neighbors.  Without someone identifying who is shooting the fireworks, there can be no prosecution unless the police personally observe.

Please look for the survey online at website and additional information in Newstime.  We wish to hear residents’ comments on this very short survey!