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Stay consistent with your workout routine

You’ve been focused with your exercise. You’ve been disciplined with your diet. You’ve been maintaining a consistent routine of physical activity and healthy eating and have decided you deserve to catch your breath (literally).

While skipping a few weeks of physical activity may lead to short-term pleasure, a recent study from the University of Liverpool has found that even two-weeks (14-days) of minimal physical activity could increase the risk of several diseases and drastically alter body composition.

Over the course of two weeks, subjects reduced their physical activity to an average of 36 minutes per day and experienced a significant reduction in muscle mass and an increase in body fat around the central part of the body. The reduction in metabolic activity, coupled with an increase in body fat around the center part of the body, are significant risk factors for several chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

This research reinforces the importance of consistent exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet. Remember, an Orangetheory Fitness session is made for every fitness level and enables you to keep in touch with the passionate global OTF community!