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Recycling means jobs, stable costs and opportunities

Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 10:54 am

By Nick Guccione, Mayor of Wentzville

You might think it takes extra time or work to recycle at home. But here in Wentzville, recycling is simple and has its perks. Since expanding to single-stream curbside recycling in 2010, our residents have helped recycle more than 22 million pounds of material! Not only does recycling create more than 15,000 jobs in the St. Louis region and help reduce the burden on regional landfills, it also helps keep our solid waste bills stable — amidst inflation and fluctuations with gas prices and the economy.

Material that goes to a landfill costs the City $30 per ton; however, every ton of material that residents recycle generates an $11 rebate. Take a moment to consider that each household generates 2,500 pounds of trash each year; on average, this could make a difference Citywide as more residents increase their recycling efforts.

Wentzville strives to make this easy by offering single-stream recycling services at no additional cost to our residents. This means you get to mix recyclables all together in your blue bin, with no need to sort. For a list of what’s recyclable in Wentzville’s single-stream collection, please visit

Did you know that you don’t have to remove lids and labels or heavily clean out glass jars and cans in order to recycle them? Today, recycling requires very little preparation other than a quick rinse for heavily soiled items. All junk mail and paper products are recyclable, unless it has germs (i.e. used paper plates/towels, napkins, tissues, toilet paper). Mixing the wrong items in with recyclables can contaminate the entire load (meaning the whole load must be landfilled), so please remember that no plastic grocery bags, plastic wraps, light bulbs or Styrofoam of any kind can go in the recycling cart.

As you may know, the City was awarded a grant by the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, which is funding a recycling education campaign called the Recycle More! Trash Less. Challenge during 2017-2018. We are about half way through the challenge, which runs until March 31. During this time, we are recording recycling rates for each day of the week, separately. This will help to determine which day of the week is the winner of the Recycle More! Trash Less. Challenge. Every household within that “day of the week” team will receive $3 off three months’ worth of recycling bills in 2018. So, fill up those recycling carts!