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Marketing your home during the holidays

The Holidays are a great time to market your home.  Typically, home owners have their homes prepped, displayed, and decorated for this time of year and this bit of holiday appeal can create an image of future events for the buyer.  This is an emotional connection to potential buyers, who can visualize how the home functions and can spark an emotional connection to the property.   Holiday décor can brighten even the darkest of interiors with a little seasonal bling.

Beyond the wintertime visual appeal of the home, the marketing advantage of being on the market at this time of the lowest amount of competition can be an extreme advantage, even for a property that needs a little TLC.  When there is less competition, a seller does have an edge.  Most owners are unaware that the buyer activity is not as seasonal as inventory.  The number of active buyers does not ebb and flow, like the housing inventory with the seasons.

Employers are wanting their new employees or transferees to be actively on the job and acclimated to their roles and performing at top speed during the first quarter of the year.  This time of year, offers transferees extra time before and after holidays to extend the time to search for their new home.  Don’t fall for an outdated view that the holidays are not the right time for marketing your home.  December was a fantastic month for sales in 2016 and 2017 has an even better holiday advantage for home sellers.