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LSLCA 2017 Board Report

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2018 at 12:48 pm

The Lake St. Louis Community Association Board of Directors have released thee 2017 Board Report.

Finances – We had slightly more income in 2017 than in 2016 with about the same expenses. Our required Dredge and Emergency Lockbox funds now stand at over $2M. Your CA is debt free and in good financial position. Our yearly audit was passed with flying colors.

Events – The CA entertained about 30 wedding parties and other non CA group outings in 2017. We used the profit from these activities to lower the fees charged you for our Special Events. We have tried to make sure these outings did not interfere with any other CA activities. Yes parking can be an issue. Any ideas? We are always looking for feedback on what you would like to see!

As special event fees got smaller, attendance increased. Our 50th anniversary party fee of $5 was the lowest. We expected 300 people and over 600 people attended. Yes we ran out of food and yes we should have had the food lines in the ballroom. Lessons learned!

Our Halloween party and New Year’s Eve parties both sold out this year, and were catered by our in-house catering Chef. Call us if you are interested in learning more about CA catering services.

The monthly Sunday brunch attendance has increased from 30 initially to over 125 last month. The hours have increased from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Sunday morning. Let a Board member know how you liked this event.

The Bar/Grill has changed a lot. We have a new food supplier to improve food quality, changed menus to allow cook-to-order, brought in new tables, and have a new Bar & Grill manager to coordinate activities. Our recent county Health and Safety inspection resulted in a 100%. A first ever for the CA and a number most restaurants would kill for. There will be a new menu for Spring/Summer that will focus on freshly prepared ingredients, and in-house recipes. Please give us feedback on how the new Bar/Grill is working for you.

Capital– The By-Laws fix our Capital budget at less than 10% of yearly income. In 2017 we bought; a replacement dump truck for Maintenance, a replacement skimmer pipe to catch logs coming into the big lake, new accounting software, new clubhouse foyer furniture, lights and sprinklers for Jefferson Point, a golf course chemical sprayer, and Windjammer gas dock extensions to reduce waiting times for boat fueling.

NorthStar is the new enterprise software system that is being implemented. Many transactions are now automatically pulled into our accounting system, which should increase efficiency. This will save us about $80K/yr as the old accounting software is retired. We also have a new web page and need your help to make sure it functions the way you want it to.  The web site allows you to pay for assessments and amenities online. Please check it out at and give us feedback.