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LSL Mayor’s Corner

Posted on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 1:39 pm

Kathy Schweikert – Lake Saint Louis Mayor

by Kathy Schweikert, Mayor of Lake St. Louis

Municipal elections are over and I am pleased to say for the 2nd straight year, Lake Saint Louis is happy with the direction the City is going and with their current Board of Aldermen who all ran opposed. Congratulations to Gary Torlina – Ward 1 (, Karen Vennard – Ward 2 (, and Jason Law – Ward 3  (!  Rounding out the Board are Gary Turner – Ward 1 (, Mike Potter – Ward 2 ( and John Pellerito – Ward 3 (  I am so happy the City has such an excellent Board of Aldermen to serve you!

There are occasions when the City sends out surveys (either on-line or mailed to impacted residents) for opinions on projects or actions that may impact them.  Two recent surveys are consideration of allowing fireworks for residents on the 4th of July, and consideration of a sidewalk on Dauphine and Cognac.  Having a survey doesn’t mean it is going to happen – that is the purpose of the survey – to gauge residents interest. Our Comprehensive Plan listed more sidewalks in established areas as important, but this is also a costly endeavor to gain right of way access on residents’ properties and possible utility easements to move utilities.  Both can be very costly.  With many projects in residential areas, if we do not have the support of impacted residents to donate easements, it is doubtful the project will go forward due to the expense.  The Dauphine sidewalk questionnaire was sent because over a year ago a survey of residents on Dauphine who signed it saying they were in favor of a sidewalk was presented to me and the Board of Aldermen.  Not knowing what questions were asked, or comments made by those signing, the City sent their own survey out – we appreciate all of the residents’ responses back to know your opinions in this.

As all residents are aware, Merdian Waste is our new City trash hauler (they previously purchased Christian Waste Hauling about a year ago).  We have heard some residents do not like the large blue trash cans because they do not fit in their garages.  Please call Meridian for a smaller trash can at 314-291-3131 or email

Now, let’s all hope Spring comes soon and stays so we can all get out in our yards and neighborhoods to enjoy the season.