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Looking for a quicker sale… Think light and bright

So many clients choose light fixtures that direct light in one direction.  Sad to say, most face down and make a space seem smaller and darker.

So often, I walk into a client’s home and there is a dark shadow 12 -24 inches around the perimeter of the ceiling.  A common mistake is turning the bathroom lights facing down and you miss the entire reflective quality of the ceiling.  If you want to make people look terrible, place them in a down light and they will age ten years.  With just the flip of the light fixture facing to the ceiling, the space will appear brighter, taller, and more spacious.

A quick fix to lighting is the placement of up-lighting.  Good source of up-lighting is floor lamps.  They can also balance an otherwise unbalanced space.  The simple change of shade to white can also dramatically change the space.  While today’s color schemes are becoming cooler, think bulbs that do not cast a yellow tone.

Drapery and window treatment install height can really restrict lighting.  Total transformations can happen by simply moving the valance up to block the header space, rather that blocking the view.   When mounting drapery hardware, extend the rods.  The drapery stack back is in front of the wall, rather than blocking the light.  Mount the draperies as close to the ceiling as possible.  This will direct your eyes up and claim the height in a space, especially critical in 8 foot ceiling spaces.